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Stay Strong

I wrote Stay Strong with the sole purpose of helping those who are going through some hard times. As humans, we all face many struggles every day. I just wanted to remind people that if you "stay strong" you can get through anything this crazy little thing called life throws at you.

Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me has to be the song that's closest to my heart. I wrote it in response to the passing of two friends in the same year. I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to them. Now they are immortalized in my song. I wanted to also use it to restore hope in those who had lost loved ones. The song really hits you hard and digs down deep into anyone who listens.

Professionalism and Natural Talent

Why does professionalism seem to over-shadow natural abilities? It is like no one takes an individual seriously unless he or she has some prestigious credibility. In order to achieve the maximum amount of success, there actually needs to be a mixture of both instead of just picking between one or the other. Tons of aspiring artists and musicians are under the radar as a direct result.