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Slow and steady

We would all love to have everything in a day and have all of our whims and wishes met. In referance to Rome we all know it took more than one day. Setting a pace after failure can be difficult.Some run and get burn out. Some keep trying the same thing over and over. Some are so determined that there way is the only way it is possible at all. But slow and steady as you condition your understanding through prayer and supplication, revelation and wisdom arrive. Sure Rome wasnt built in a day. They probably needed more and more but I know each day Jesus Mercies are new and as we grow we stand on His firm foundation of understanding not Mans or so and so's. It is only by the Grace of God there Go I and it isnt until we let Him that we can obtain divine understanding. Some go to school for years to figure out what to pick apart in conversation to judge when Jesus Himself said Judge not lest Ye be Judged. So it is with this that no man or woman has the authority to judge, or today what is hidden in the term discernment,one another it is to discern the Spirits that afflict one another and only Love can bring such things to cease. You see if you truly Love The Fathers way you give it all to all and dont back down. You become Radical in how you can bless others even though it may strap you for awhile. One of the Best gifts you can give is to Listen not hear and determine what one sided agenda style thinking is. Bless someone today with peace not judgment and if you are in authority and you would like to grow start by loving the ones you have not by casting stones cause you want it your way. Rome was built by many not one. But it was conquered by the One who Loved and continues to Love. His name is Jesus. He and only He is the Truth so stop and see if it is all about Jesus or are your opinions of what Jesus should be poluting Your growth..The Growth is in Your Heart friends not in Numbers. To obtain numbers God knows the Hearts of His servants and what they can accomplish.

The Lost

Rules,Laws, Traditions, Doing it right or wrong we all have our days and as much as we would like to be in the right we are normally in the wrong. As soon as we say well I dont do this or do THAT we enter into coveting whether it be a good thing or another. We are the Lost but we all have been in need of a punch in the face of Truth. And the Truth is Jesus is the only one worthy of being a judge of anyone. I bet if we all took the time to ask Him if we are in the right He would just stop and say Than Why did I come down there? Why did I suffer? Because you and I cannot do it and are Lost if we think for one second we are able to do it without Him. The Lost yes you and me are only found through the one whom gave His own life as a ransom for many and that includes the prostitute the one selling the dope to his brothers and sisters and even the one who says they are in right standing. Paul said to renew our minds daily because if we dont we start to think we can do it on our own even the decisions we make. If we were able to do it than why? Why would we even have failures daily? Because we need a constant reminder that only One Name is worthy to be praised, one name brings Healing and that Name is Jesus Christ and He is coming sooner than we think.

Foxes have holes and birds have nests

Something to be said about Christ saying these very things to the ones who were on fire to commit their lives but He let them know look there is gonna be some times where we dont even get excepted when we speek the truth. Well I could only imagine the reaction from those weak in faith when they realized they had to leave it all behind..most cant most wont but I can tell you their is no greater freedom than the one when walking away from deceit and idolatry gives you freedom to really breathe in and out that His word is true.


Just about down to the last note for the upcoming album Healed and man what a Journey it has been. Somedays when you feel you just dont have anymore left in you God pulls something great out of you and I can only say its all by His strengths that this life is possible. Each day as we have been preparing for the upcoming Lp to be finished doors are continuing to open we find ourselves being invited to apply for touring slots and getting ready for Multiple television interviews meet and greets with some of the most renowned in ministry efforts and newspaper and magazine article requests. This is truly amazing to be used by Christ in such ways. I am seriously amazed everyday by being obedient to Jesus how much involvement in spreading the truth we have so far. God Bless You all Danny/Prodigal

Preperation for the next day

Each day prepares us for the next. In the coming months we are preparing to hit the Air waves on FM/Internet/ and Television Both Local and National on what True Freedom in Christ is about. Being who we are in Christ is so important for the gifts to be displayed at the Annointed time of Gods choosing. Remember this is only the begining we have great lessons in store house mentality to have provision for what is next. Joseph, was well prepared and I wondered why shouldnt all the nations have music to rock out for Jesus to. In time with proper planning and execution of action we have aquired what takes many years to touch the surface of but remember I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and forward we will go with the provisions of what He has so freely given. It is truly about Christ because without Him we wouldnt have had the opporotunity we have to do what we love so much.Bless you all and dream big. In Josephs preparation do you think he dreampt of what it would be like when the right people were in front of him to hear the message the Lord had given him in the dungeon he was in. May we bless you with truth because it is the only thing that will set you free. What is Truth? Jesus the only name worthy of being the judge of who you and I really serve.


I have been blessed with some of the most Loving Fun and Hardworking Musicians to be in Prodigal....they cut loose and enjoy doing this for Jesus and the FREEDOM that is in us as we make mistakes in practice we dont freak out and then most of all we are really in this together for the Kingdom it is never about us or time constraints because we are always together you know LIKE a real family should be

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