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A little hiatus, and now off to WQFS!

Been a whirlwind summer, and as usual burning the candle at the ends, middle, and everywhere inbetween! After a couple weeks to rest, tomorrow we leave looking for Greensboro, NC to do a live radio show on Brian Z's most excellent Epicuria Show. Olivia, Ken, and Archer will join me as we reflect on an amazing year. Truly grateful!

Savoring Summer....

Loving these beautiful summer days! Still basking in the afterglow of a wonderful CD release-- life is good! We are honored to open for The O Street Mansion Concert Series 8/9. We share the bill with Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead, Walt Wilkins and the Mysteriqueros, and Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos. August 24th we are back in Nashville at Tom Wolf's Picking Corner at Antique Archeology, Nashville. I've always been a HUGE American Pickers fan, so I am JAZZED. And September 1st be are back in studio on Greensboro, North Carolina's WFQS. 90.9 for a LIVE radio show. Brian Z has an amazing and eclectic indie mix-- check him out on TuneIn! In between gigs we are taking every opportunity to kayak these gorgeous Maryland waterways....and catch up on sleep! Not much summer left, let's savor every minute. Thanks for listening- Caroline

Live Radio Show

We had a gorgeous time doing a mini tour of North Carolina last weekend. Zoe's Coffeehouse in the Charlotte area was a gem! We've never enjoyed such a warm and welcoming response in a new town. After our set there was a DRAG Contest so we ended it with "Life's Short, Wear Heels!" to some clapping and stomping:) SWEET! We hope to be back soon with our new friends this year. If you are near Gastonia NC be sure to drop in!

Sunday we toured downtown Greensboro with our favorite DJ Brian Z of WQFS. I learned more about the famous four at the Greensboro sit-in, saw the Walgreen's stools-- a great way to commemorate Dr. King.

Monday 1/20 we got to hear our live sound on the airwaves! We interviewed and performed for about three hours live on 90.9 WQFS. Brian Z is such a great supporter of Indie Music and Songwriters-- give his show a listen on Epicuria Radio Mondays from 6-8 am.

David Gorozdos is a master of the keyboard, and Neal Herron on the harmonica-- we have really found the "Whole Magilla" sound I was hoping for when this adventure began. It's an honor to play with these fellas. They perform regularly with several bands, including the Capital Blues Ensemble. Check em out!

In two short months we've really found our groove. Come join us February 1st at Quench in Rockville for our homecoming show! New originals, new covers, and the goofiness that makes us the quirky Whole Magilla.

Stay warm this week!! It's chilly and frozen tundra here in Maryland:)


Second Cup of Tea and reflections on 2013...


This morning I was making my second cup of tea and got a message from Brian Z at 90.9 WQFS in Greensboro NC that he was gonna play one of my originals. Its maybe my fourth time hearing my music on the radio-- but it just got me thinking today that I am completely HONORED that you wonderful folks enjoy the songs I write and sing. I wrote and sang constantly as a kid but I think that was more an annoyance to people than anything. It wasn't until High School doing a solo my senior year that it ever occurred to me that I had a good voice. The auditorium was completely quiet when I finished my solo-- I thought "man, I guess I really sucked!" But then the audience erupted in an ovation. That was an epiphany and helped kick my butt into studying voice at Northwestern. Unfortunately my voice teacher at NU tried to make an opera singer out of me, and through the years others have tried to pigeon-hole me-- but that's another story:) I sing and write because I have to-- to find people actually listen is icing on the cake--really breathtaking to me. More than anything...thanks so much for listening. Grateful for a beautiful 2013!

Thankful for The Whole Magilla!

I was gonna take this fall to songwrite, reflect, put together this new band idea…..and DANG off like a shot things have been a whirlwind! Nashville, Dewey Beach, New York Showcases, DC, New Deal, Iota, Quench regular spot, playing on the radio, and an upcoming tour to North Carolina! The thing is, I write and create best when I am inspired and playing with pros like Neal Herron, Dave Gorozdos, Joe Gretz, and the usual suspects Ken Romelli and Olivia Ferrante….I can barely keep up with the songs coming on! Out of this whirlwind: "Happiness", "Troubles", and next "Jasmine Brown". The band is evolving, and the new sounds and textures add new depth and texture to the songs I "Hear". Very thankful for your kind words, support, and believing in the dreams of an Uber-tall-unpolished-midwestern girl. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Evolving Sounds

Nashville put some major doubts to rest. It's one thing when folks in your city or your region like your songwriting-- they have to like you right, you're local! It was astonishing to hear industry pros liking my songwriting. I really needed that. After three months going solo and wondering if I was on the right track....kinda exhausted....it was music to my ears. I've been told I am a back-up-girl, better behind the scenes. I've been told I "need" other more experienced pros to succeed. And stepping out on my own was a bit of a risk, but this weekend my doubts were put to rest and I feel nothing but grateful to the friends who kicked me in the pants and told me I could do it:) Another surprise-- our Americana sound fit in really well in Music Town! Not sure how this city girl got twangy-- perhaps it's the Chi-town blues mixing with all those summers on the farms of Kansas. So the sounds are evolving, and instead of worrying too much about categories I'll just keep exploring. This is a great adventure, and I so appreciate you stopping by to listen from time to time. Hey if you are in Delaware this weekend drop into The Dewey Beach Music Festival and hear my new ukulele tune "What a Day!"-- or if you're in DC I'll be at Axum Lounge Saturday night. Or the video is on youtube and reverbnation. That song kinda says it all for me....have a beautiful day yourself!

A Song for Nico...

I wrote a song last Fall about my daughter Olivia..."Harvest Moon"...and ever since I've been searching my heart and trying and failing to write a song about my son, Nico. He is a true original, authentic, and refuses to bow to pressure and conform to the crowd. I've watched him battle judgment and horrendous belittling. Yet he has remained true. Almost too much feeling to put into song: His quirky love of dub step music, his incredible courage, strength through adversity, his habit of adding food coloring to drinks to celebrate color and life, quick wit, funky style... That's Nico:)

So finally it came together, the song, and I've been nervous to sing it for him. Last night I finally did, and it made my heart jump to see the huge smile on his face.... It's called "Shine" and I hope to get it recorded soon....maybe tomorrow at the Music Café for my Live Album. But whether or not it's recorded...I am still smiling to remember that grin on his face...

Live CD on the way!

We had a beautiful performance at Foundation Gallery and Liveroom on 6/1. I was very honored to have Les Hatley open with his magical instrumentals.

Les is a long time Washington DC area guitar player recognized with multiple Washington Area Music Association “Wammie” nominations. Les released his second solo CD recently, called “Surge”, and it is getting radio airplay across the nation. Along the way Les played on bills with artists ranging from Roberta Flack to Steppenwolf. He also plays in a duo called Crumpled Hat and a Wammie nominated contemporary gospel group called Seneca.

It was about 90 degrees in MD Saturday, and in order to get good recording we had to turn off the loud AC a few times. What a fun, family atmosphere. So grateful to all who came. We bonded in the late night summer heat:)

Blake Althen did our live recording-- set up his recorder and mastered on the spot. He is a producer with credits including The Bible, The Vikings, Top Shot, Ice Road Truckers and many more.

So after a year and a half of gigging I guess I'll have some much better recordings soon. VERY very grateful!

Now that this set of originals are recorded I am astounded by the songwriting that is coming out of me. Guess my brain got to clear the decks! Soon you'll hear :" Annabelle", a new song about my son, and a song about a local eatery in our small town..."Jimmy Cone".

Balance and Play!

Most of the time I am a dance, fitness, and music teacher. I have an arts/fitness company and often work 60-70 hour weeks-- sometimes 25 classes a week. Talk about sore feet!! Music has been my recreation, my playtime. What a privilege and joy! Surprisingly as I have found more success and musical opportunity, I have almost lost the feeling of PLAY. I became focused on performance and perfection. And then...Enter Les Hatley, who has helped me rediscover the joy of collaboration and creativity. It's not all about a perfect performance...its making magical moments, and sharing awe with a wider audience. So I've taken a couple weekends to rest, and recuperate, and ...yes...PLAY. Here's to a little more balance in 2013!

The moment of silence...

No dance or fitness classes this morning. Had the opportunity to honor that moment of silence at 9:30. And I don't know about you, but in the silence was reality speaking. I didn't want to listen to it all week. I've been so busy and life has been so loud lately, I needed that moment of silence to look at those pictures on the TV screen. I thought of my students at the different schools where I teach and cried a little. Played my new tune Harvest Moon a couple times. I don't often listen to the whispers of silence this time of year...

I love music that has the courage to keep space. It means the writer has the courage to attempt expansive songs, so rare in this age of ultra-processed mass-media driven sound.

My friend and musical partner, Les Hatley, has such courage. And he is teaching me the Jedi ways. I get exited and I overplay at times...I'm working on it:) Get his new CD by the way, glorious storytelling with and without words!

This week I had the honor of jamming with some local legends with the Songwriter Association of Washington. What a joy-- check out the photos on my Facebook page.

Such talent and presence in one room. I met a REMARKABLE songwriter, Daniel Lee. Find him, fan him, buy his music because his car broke down! No seriously, his music was magic.

Rambling, stream of conscious thoughts, but I am astounded my meaning this Christmas, and beauty in the midst of some darkness...

Blessings to you! Caroline