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Hometown Tour

I haven't played since the Gottrocks show at the beginning of the summer. What a dream to open for Southern Culture on the Skids. I've learned that we will get to do that again November 7th! In the mean time I've got a lovely handful of solo sets and shows with Shufflebutton coming up plus keep a look out for a very special very spooky episode of live Shadowbandery,

Clide on Carolina Now 11-21-13

Watch my debut on live TV! http://www.carolinascw.com/story/24033296/holiday-market-in-2-minute-drill

Hot off the digital presses!

Songs From a Book of Memories is now available on CD Baby! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/lynneclideholcombe Physical copies will be available there soon. As well at Amazon, I-tunes and more! Plus streaming on Spotify. That might have already happened... I should try it and find out. Let me know where you find my music. It will evidently be on lots of internet radio type things.

Mixing the Album

The recording it 95% finished. Mixing has begun. Still hoping for a late April release. Be on the look out for CD release show!

Fete Magazine March

http://emag.fetegreenville.com/ Thank you Fete Greenville for featuring my music this month! Thank you Christi and Amy for singing with me in the video. Thank you Greenville for being Greenville.

The Indiegogo Fundraiser is UP!

I have until Feb 23 to raise as much as possible. Please help me get WAY over my goal so I can also turn this new album into a vinyl record. http://www.indiegogo.com/lynneholcombe

Hey World

Ok, So this looks like the begin of the new beginning. I'm figuring out as much of this interneting as I can. Setting up shows. Gearing up to record towards the end of January. Figuring out how to afford that. Meeting some great people. If you can help in anyway let me know. Aside from monetary help on the CD, I'm looking to play quiet venues with-in a 3 hour radius of Greenville,SC. Cafe shops with listening rooms, galleries, book stores, houses, etc. Happy listening. Thank you for listening to music.