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60s Rock and R&B

Meeting Peter Brown for The Pathfinders reunion at The Royal Albion, Maidstone, UK on Sun afternoon, June 12th. We haven't met in 50 years. So, will we remember all those old Sixties hits?

The Position of Jupiter update

The new album getting a very good response. And now available from iTunes as a download. Just finished the 12 date tour, through October and November. Thanks everyone who supported me in this venture.

Album On Line

You can now buy the online version of the album at http://rogerstevens.bandcamp.com/

New Video

On the plus side - posted a new video. On the down side - couldn't make it to Brighton Folk Club. Will be playing acouple of songs on Wed though at Burgess Hill Folk Club. The Woolpack if anyone's around.

13th Siege

99 fans. Not sure how it works. Everyone's busy fanning one another. Gets very draughty. I mean with the 13th Siege I seem to be drifting a long way from folk. Although I do like a lot of heavy metal music. And they do have their own designer clothes line.

The new album arrives.

It was delivered by two separate delivery people - each carrying one box. Despite being delivered by the same company. Not very efficient. The CDs look lovely. Just have to sell some now! The official launch is February - waiting to hear from the record label as to the exact date.

Two days to go...

Well, I've been working on this album for a long time. Really excited that it's arriving on Friday. It began as a mix of styles but after meeting Robb Johnson and several performances at Hove Folk Club - I rediscovered the music I loved a student in the late 60s - Bert Jansch and Bob Dylan and all those great6 folkies... So, hoping people will like it.