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So I'm late...

Okay, so I know it's already February, but that's kind of the point of this little post.

That said, 2013 was a VERY interesting year. Don't worry... I'm not gearing up for a rant or pity party or anything. But... there were things that kept me from focusing on my music as much as I would have liked and I figured I'd touch on it real quick.

(wait for it...)

Okay, I'm done now.

That's right... I'm not going to make excuses about '13. Why? Well, the biggest reason is because, quite frankly, it was a pretty damn good year!

I mean, music is who and what I am - always has been, but there is MUCH more to me than JUST music. And, although I didn't meet my "goals" with my music, I far exceeded my expectations in more than a few other areas.

No regrets for 2013. No "New Years Resolution" for 2014. Just a whole bunch of being grateful for the wonderful things in life that have, and will, make both years worth looking back on.

I could, absolutely, clarify these things further, but I'm almost done with my coffee and I need to go re-string my guitar. ;)

To all of the 3 people that read this, THANK YOU! Looking forward! ;-D

Goodbye Hotel Coffee

Finally done with the road for a few weeks. REAL COFFEE! :-D

To celebrate, I'm going to try and get those little raw acoustic recordings done today so I can have something besides a "test file" for you to listen to here. If not by today - SOON!

Thanks for stopping by!

G.R. Bliss

Hotel Hell

Spent the day trying to get a decent recording of one of my new songs. Little hand-held digi-recorders, hotel rooms and noisy hotel guests are not a good mix. ;) Don't worry, I should have it up soon, even if I have to wait 'til I get home!