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The "Drone" has arrived... :)


The visceral understanding of the inspiration and talent other members bring to the table.

Coming back!!

I've rebuilt most of the studio....acoustics still suck but we're back to recording....thanks for not shaggin' out on us, the music that makes us.

Into the Unknown

Losing my happy home and studio...I'm still in the denial stage...I've just got to accept it...trust it...and get better. All things are temporary except for the love of God.

Orienting some songs

We put a few of our earlier efforts into the top ten...enjoy!

Blue Eyed Soul

BES strikes again with Those Silver Rings. Soon glad to be back!

ON FB (finally)

Whew! Getting' back on was a drag.

I'm Back

Sorry....my computer died...just got a new one tonight. I'll be back in touch with everyone...KURVE


Yes...yes...we've posted 100 tunes on our site. Please download and enjoy. Your friends.


Please listen to Going Home for positive, spiritual, inspiration.