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SXSW after math

Well the last week has been a recovery from the previous. SXSW has a way of hypnotizing the people whether you like it or not. Much thanks to Uphill Lyman for letting me play at there 1/2 St. community event. There were great acts like "Musically Declined" and "Bus Talk" that I was much obliged to watch their killer performances. Some how along the way I played over at Flipnotics with the help of Chase Williford. Who is also a great photographer sharing his art here in the big town of Austin Texas. Thanks to everyone who came into town and listened and much great thanks to the people who stay and listen. Everyone has a nice day now.



My dear Austin Texas, what a wonderful musical town this is. Unfortunately there are no gigs that have been aligned in my favor in SBSW. My spirits are lifted though because of the great support of listeners out there. So, even if I ain't playing this year I think everyone should still come down and check out the wonderful acts showcasing. Also keep your ears to the sight more tunes are coming soon. Thank you for listening friends.