An important point about lawyers is to understand their career goals. For example, if you were negotiating a contract with Atlantic Records, would you hire an attorney who was thinking about working for that company soon after your contract was completed? Would this make you a bit suspicious? Would you wonder how hard your lawyer was going to push for you, knowing that he was trying to suck up to the label? Many attorneys dream of being executives of major labels and see representation of artists, producers, and managers as a mere steppingstone. Other attorneys’ main mission is to represent the biggest artists in the business, negotiating against the corporations. Which side of the fence your lawyer is on is important.

X.O. Musica L.L.C.(X.O. Music)
X.O. Musica L.L.C.(X.O. Music)  (about 5 years ago)

This Also holds true for Criminal Attorneys too. They get behind the scenes making deals with his Best Buddies at the Golf Club (The Prosecutor and Judge)