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Giving Back

Today I had the priviledge of speaking to the local middle school kids for career day about what it is like to be the owner of Ragamuffin Music Hall here in Roswell, GA. As I was speaking to those young students about my music career, it occured to me that I never set out to do this... to run a music hall/venue. I always saw myself as a perfomer on a stage, not someone behind the scenes teaching, booking other acts and developing up and coming artists. But as I told the students, "when God opens a door, you walk through it!". We all know how fickle the music insdustry can be....and it feels really good to be on the other side of the spectrum giving back to others rather than focusing on when your next moment in the lime light will be. Taking the foucs off of yourself and investing in others is the real key to artist "happiness". Lets face it. It can be difficult to avoid fallining into the "What have I done lately" artist blues! But, if you can help someone else move a litter closer to their goal, you will find a sense of peace and satisfaction that satiates the need to be noticed. And before you know it, someone will be giving back to you! As one of my good friends and songwriters likes to say, "There is strength in numbers!. Today, make it your goal to find someone you can support, encourage or strengthen and watch that same support cycle back to you.....its a beautiful thing!