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30 Days

Go here: http://whosebluesanyway.blogspot.com

The answer, of course, is of course.

Dear Hello,

My new batch of tunes is now available for free download from my site:


Thanks for listening.

Sincerely, Goodbye

Should've done this a long time ago.

Dear You,

The entire CD, "Not Now, Nor Ever", is online for your listening pleasure. New things are on the horizon, I promise! Later, dudes.

Love, Me

Through decaying simple times.

Dear Everyone,

It's true, I have a CD coming out. There's going to be a big party in its honor on April 7th, 2007 at the lovely Bickett Gallery in Raleigh, NC. So you must come! That is if you don't want to miss an amazing show. Charles Latham is going to play some songs and then I'm going to play some songs and everyone's going to drink and make merry. So be there! I dare you.

Only, Hunter

You don't say!

Dear Friends and Enemies,

Well 'ello! I am Hunter and this is a nice website-type thing. I play music like so many other people, but no one else plays it quite like me. So I encourage you to listen because there's a chance you might like my take on this whole music thing. And if not, well, we can still be friends.

Guilelessly, Hunter