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Warming UP!

I'm currently ranked number 8 on the revernation hip hop charts for Tacoma. First, I just want to thank all of my fans and supporters! And to all the loyal listeners: I promise more is coming soon! I've been so much more focused lately. I've truly decided that I'm ready for the hard work required in the music biz. If it means I don't rest; so be it. I barely eat anyway. If I'm not working, I'll be getting involved with fans or focusing on how to improve my abilities! Stay tuned for the fire... Cause right now I'm just warming up!

New Artist

I would consider myself to be a fairly new artist. I began rapping a little before my senior year of high school but didn't fully immerse myself until the summer before college. Unfortunately I attend a military academy and was unable to record for my freshman year. I am now in my sophomore year and I have my recording equipment at school with me. I'm working on several songs and I'll hopefully be releasing a mixtape sometime soon.