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New demo update

Ok, we got a new demo that is in the works (hence the blog title) and it is nearing completion. All that's left is the vocals and the artwork. Why artwork for a demo? Because that is how this band has always released demos. That's why. Anyway. The songs are an updated collection of some of the older material, just to kinda showcase where the band is currently and also to kind of boldly state that this is a fresh start for us. Scarecrow's Curse has never sounded this good, and this new demo will definitely prove that. Now I can't deny or neglect our bizarre and obscure past (pre-Leper Lord years), and I'm not at all saying that those recordings, shows, and line-ups don't matter, what I am trying to say is that this is truly a rebirth. The songs are tighter, stronger, some are even heavier. I can't wait for you guys to take a listen to this thing when it's done. So here is to the rebirth of Scarecrow's Curse... Let it spread like wildfire! -Vermin

Yeah we're still here

Sorry for the lack of updates, the holidays reared their ugly heads this week, so we've all been busy stuffing ourselves retarded. Next week it's back to the grind. I know I keep saying it, but there are some pretty big plans coming up really soon. These things just take some time especially with the price of gas these days.... And bitchy bosses... And bills... Yea... Anyway, many things on the horizon. -Vermin

We need a heater!!!!

Hey guys, if anyone has a spare space heater that they are willing to let go of, let us know! More news to follow.


This isn't really much of an update. More like a random post. Anyway, it's Halloween, the best time of the year. We are all planning on getting into some kind of trouble tonight. There. There's your "update". But seriously. Hurricane Sandy (vagina) stifled our plans to play on Devil's Night (10/30/2012) at the Rat Nest (aka my garage). We where gonna have a little party, play a few songs, tape it for everyone and their mother to watch it on here, but nooooooooooo Hurricane Sandy (vagina) had to just come blowin through here like Snooki on a good day. Ok enough of my bitching about that. More stuff will be posted here very soon. Probably by next week. Maybe even a video of us rehearsing? Maybe some new photos of the new line-up? Maybe I'll have a "gasp" day job? Anyways, spread the curse and support the local scene. And have a fucking awesome Halloween you freaks! -Vermin

Spread it on a slice of bread... that's what you eat when you are dead

Practice has been going very well for the band, and everyone seems to be on the same page. Very satisfied! There is so much planned, I can't wait to execute these ideas. We have about 6 songs pretty much ready to go, just a little tightening of the screws and we'll be ready to play again. They are older songs, like "Marcus the Carcass" and "Don't Hyde 2 Hard" and stuff like that, but this newer line-up has given those old songs new life. Also the stage show is gonna be a sight to behold. Maybe not as extreme or as spiritual as what Patrick and I did in Leper Lord, but there will be pigs blood, there will be animal bones, there will be people getting gutted by chainsaws, throats slit with butcher knives, and a bunch of other ideas that I shouldn't mention because I've already said enough. Anyways, new pictures and possibly new recordings will be up soon. Spread the word guys!!! -Vermin

So it begins...again

Scarecrow's Curse is a horror themed rock band that started it's strange metamorphosis in the wet and dismal spring of 2005. For the next five years, the band would play a handful of live shows, record several demos, and go through a revolving door of band members leaving Vermin as the only original member left. In 2010, after recording it's 4th official demo entitled "Not for Normals", Scarecr ow's Curse went on a 2 year hiatus while Vermin went on to play in the Black Metal band Leper Lord, and released several demos and the album "Altar of Embers" with that band. After Leper Lord was laid to rest, it was clear that Vermin had to resurrect Scarecrow's Curse once again. New blood, new energy, and new direction.