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Its been a really nice couple of months musically. We have had a few gigs in the SW UK and done a bit of recording too! getting used to our new tascam digi recorder, plus ive inherited a jam/man loop station and a vocal harmoniser box, yippee! So have been spending alot of our freetime messing about with the new toys,lol I was thinking it would be interesting to use perhaps the lloop station live at a gig, maybe? Still not sure yet! lol. Got a few new songs, covers and originals and have also recently got a PRS account so radio play,gigs etc, we'll pick up a few more pennies eh? Really enjoying what we are doing and hope you enjoy it too? Keep listening guys&dolls and back soon next month. Emma XX


Busy couple of months paying locally mainly but basicly getting a set list together for the xmas and new year period.We are flying up to Nottingham New years eve which should be fun! Still deciding what tracks we want on the album too so lots to do eh? Have a great xmas everyone and a happy new year. Check out a lil tune i just popped on called magic.Hope you like it? Emma and Matt x


Had a great couple of months playing at festies and our usual gigs round about town. Final Fling sponsored by VW was brilliant, great little festival, great music and really nice folk. We shall be spending most of the coming months just rehearsing&just concentating on the new songs and getting even tighter. Possibly a couple more recordings to pop on too. Happy listening and hope you liking the new tracks X

This Weekend

Wow! what a weekend!!! A scorcher@Tiverton Balloon festival, loved singing out in the open. Thanks to Dave Baxter for all his support. Then...same day but later we played a few songs @Everything Morris, street party on Fore street,Ilfracombe. Then today, sunday we played for half hour @The bandstand, the Ilfra expo organised it. The town crier was ooh yaying, lots of music and people showing all sorts of different arts. Then....We played @The Pier lfracombe near Damian Hursts statue "VERITY". Loads of music loving folk around, sang with a full band and listened to some really cool music. Devon has a really high standard of musician and we we're lucky enough to have played and sung with and alongside a few of them over this weekend. Thanks to everyone for having us and thanks for a lovely weekend. Im most definitely having a little rest for a few days and let my vocal chords recouperate,lol. X

The Venue

We're playing@The Venue in Braunton. Its £2 on the door and we start at about 8.30pm.On Fri %th July. Come along and have a listen.X

Tiverton Baloon Festie

Cant wait to play@Tiverton Balloon fest.Love singing outdoors! Lets hope the sun keeps shining X


We are an acoustic duo writing our own materialplaying in N/Devon area.Have a listen