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hollow men

so much to say; yet carefully waisting life; non-abrassive, coasting. Relax y'all... it'll be over soon. Unless you decide to wake up. Restless un-less in need of rest; and the rest is just addiction.

gift of communication

purely questionable this state of where i've been i mean to be an artist humbly of course to be so bold where have i been and while there how much of me could i have been answer illusive to the eluding what did you say i said back to square none who is really ever moving forward the world is on axis quicker than we can breathe who are you who are we a world of promises what does your word mean


Pre game Pre show Per gem Pre whisper How I adore "so much to learn" Here is to seeing you!


With a book worthy careless whisper, I wonder deep into sleep, Careful not to trip over my sweet dreams. At this fork, leaning steep, And fire is loving this! The water grows comfortable as the storm finds my feet... "I'm safe here"


40 skins and I can't chase this cool Perhaps one more layer Could better suit my taste Considering I'm a man to savor the storm ... LOVE!


Decidedly I've grown I mean by choice of course And a course mine all mine I love this theme Mine all mine, but not unshared More or less the way I get to love you This world is beautiful and broken Fierce and elegant I've dressed her in my hand mades In my hands even In my mind more often than flesh but an imagination like this brings to life great deals of this. Imagine! What my hunger must be like. Could your stomach? I like to think so.

"just writing"

Not yet fate whispers down to me speak up! a grip familiar to a hug and cool kiss but closer to the the later speak up we are poor mind readers paper bird, paper plane blank sheet, sheets untamed suds practicing on my dirty hands they'll be strong by the time i am clean guilt is a tough stain sun is this sons are this a glow, a burdon i know how i've troubled you you know how i respect you words unsaid still resonate powerful this worldly bond i imagine i imagine i imagine i dream!