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Landing Gears Deployed

The album has arrived, and there are many ways to get a copy! If you're anywhere near the Berkshire area, just contact me at mikequinonesmusic@hotmail.com, and I'll hand deliver one for you! If you're farther away, just send me a message at the same address, and I'll happily to ship you a copy. There's also iTunes, where the album can be found by searching for "Mike Quinones" (not Michael!). The physical version of the album is $10, and the iTunes version is $9.90. It can also be found on Amazon, and all of the other major digital music selling sites.

Note that the eight panels of artwork exist only in the physical version of the album! If you bought the album on iTunes or another digital music site, and would like to also buy a physical copy, I will offer you a special in-person-only deal of 50% off! The easiest way to get that deal would be to come to a show. ;)

A huge THANK YOU to everyone for their continued support! As always, I'll try to keep you all updated, so check back here from time to time for updates.