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About Chuk Cooley & The Demon Hammers Being kin to the late great Spade Cooley, king of country & western swing music from the 1930s era, it seems the apple didn't fall far from the tree. But for protégé Chuk Cooley, nothing has come easy. After leaving home in Odessa , TX at the age of fifteen, crossing the country on a battered old motorcycle, living on the streets and sleeping under bridges... After surviving numerous addictions and two life-threatening drug overdoses... After serving hard time with both the Texas and Oklahoma D.O.C... Most would have given up by now! But eight years in prison actually gave Chuk Cooley a sense of awareness, the time to truly find himself, and an education in the craft of writing meaningful songs. Music is all Chuk Cooley has left in this world. Besides his five beautiful children (all of whom sing and play music), he has found that songwriting provides freedom from the pain of his life. FREEDOM to just let go and be himself. Like many, he has had a wretched battle against the demons of addiction -- the needle and the spoon. And like many he has lost much... two families, and several career opportunities. But whenever his faith in life began to waver, always the gift of music was there in front of him. During those darkest days, always there was an acoustic guitar just waiting to be picked up. Chuk grew up watching his father Dallas Cooley write and play songs, and once behind bars he finally learned to play the guitar himself. Having been out of prison for 15 years, with several attempted bands behind him, he has tried time and time again to make it. But Chuk now gives ALL with his own words and his own songs - one final shot at his lifelong dream. His goal is to truly live life, and to right his wrongs by sharing his story and writing music that inspires and touches people's souls. Chuk Cooley has toured and recorded all over the United States with the bands Berserkr, Two Doors Down, and Hellablack. Since going "solo" he has released two EPs titled "Takin' Down Demons" and "Addicted to Self Destruction". Just recently he has added a backing band and released a 6 song demo called "Chuk Cooley & the Demon Hammers (Volume I )' & also the 8 song Ep (Look at Us Now!) ". Chuk and his Hammers are now on a mission to share his life-changing experience of redemption with the whole world - using a story-teller's theme that is set to a backdrop of heavy southern acoustic rock unlike any other act known to day. A must see powerhouse & soulful performance.