9 Lives And Counting / Blog

Kitch Bar

It's our 1st time playing this venue, come and check out the place and you get to see the band perform

The Cage

We are playing live Wed at the cage 292 Colege st Toronto

July 11 at the Velvet Underground

We are playing a show at The Velvet Underground 510 Queen Street West. Thursday July 11 8:15pm The Curmudgeons 9:00pm Liars to the Sun 9:45pm 9 Lives and Counting 10:30pm The Horned

June 10th

We have a gig at the Opera House June 10th with King Doom(drummer from NIN)plus may other bands

Tickets at http://www.mrdtv.com/#%21store/c1s9s

Rancho Relaxo

Thanx to everyone who came out to support us last night

HMP Tour

We had a great time on the HMP eastern Candian tour. Met lots of really nice people and played some really cool venues


We are searching for the 4th member (the drummer). If you are a solid confident player who can play to a click, send us a message.

The Album

So I'm pleased to announce we have a new singer, Craig Burnatowski. Also we have some demos of Craig with the band on the site. We are going into the recording studio, Zolis audio, Feb 10. to finish the CD.