Typical Man

Its time to move on. I'm not Usher no need to let it burn. I know won't the that you needed in your life. I won't your Mr.Right. You wouldn't have been happy as my wife. And its not right 4 us 2 lead eachother on. I really think that its time to move on. I can tell your unhappy. You pull away when I call you wifey. I asked why do you love me. You went into a stare you had no answer for me. What's the reason for us to go on? We more like friends than we are lovers. In the beginning you always said you loved me. Now you just say bye and walk away from me. Is it something I did? We used to talk about kids. But now we don't talk about nothing. Is this love? Or this just a fear of change. We need to rearange our lives. We can still be friends. We have a friendship that hope never ends. But I can't lie. I'm heartbroke. Do you still have all the poems that wrote for you? You got me feeling 1 flew over the coo coo nest. Time to give this relationship a rest. I don't want you to think that I hate you. I still love you. But I'm not in love with you. Does that make sense? Now we separated. I still see you around town. I see you got a new guy and its cool. I don't say hello don't mess up your smooth groove with the new 1. Plus me and you are done. Who am I to interupt? I'm just an old Joe now. I don't ever want to get in your way now. I'm over you I think. Ended it so I could live the single life. But now I'm living the lonely life. No wife no kids no nothing. I ran out on you thought I was looking for something. Now I feel dumb. The player's life is not what I thought it would be. I'm just chillin with a bunch of women that don't really know me. I thought that I knew what I was doing. Now I realize that I was thinking with the wrong head. I lay alone in my bed evey night. I remember the good times when we used to pillow fight. Now fuck with Hos. We all those types. This was a big mistake. All the girls around me now act fake. They don't do 4 me. Like I do 4 them. So tell me are you truely happy with him. I'm jealous. Why did we end us? Had a good thing going but I had 2 mess it up. I'm just a man. You we like to have the upper hand. Sorry that made cry. Sorry I wasn't there to hold you when you needed me to. I cheated on you. Threw things in your face to make myself feel good. And the whole time by my side you stood faithfully. At 1st I wanted to be single so that I could freely mingle. But now her I stand looking stupid you gotta forgive me. I'm just a typical man.