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Let's Row to Thailand

Oh to be ten again and on the cusp and on a lake with discovery hovering over the heart.


The comments have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Dear fans, it's not that we are denying your comments. They just up and vanished. Does anyone have any idea how to fix?

New Song: The Failed Magic Man

Because Bobby and Rick are forced to use the dark arts to obtain feminine friendship, we decided to write and record this song. Hey who stole our comments?

On My Wedding Day

I've had this instrumental for a while. It was inspired by my daughter's wedding and in the song you will find all the love, hope, passion and dreams of the two lovers now united by this most sacred of promises.

Zombie Times!

Our friends, Spent Fixer, came out with ZILF and we were so impressed with it, we dug up an old dead song long buried in our backyard cemetery, and threw it on the barbie like a rotting corpse. Hope you don't like it.

Documentary 740 Park Avenue

The middle class is dying and the poor virtually abandoned. There is nothing wrong with being rich but paying your fair share is critical to the soundness of this country.

Wonderful Fellow Artists

We are finally awakening to the wonderful diversity of musical artists. Just stop and listen and your world will be forever changed.

Two New Songs

Just added these. Rick and I worked on his idea for My Revenge and for Baby's Lullaby, it came from listening to the wonderful Dixie Chick's song, Lullaby. It's poignancy and wistful qualities stirred my heart and led to our song, Baby's Lullaby.

Hard at Work!

Me and the boys are taking classes in photo shop and premiere. This is why we have not updated our site in the last few weeks; but, hold on, we will soon return. Our best to all of you!

March 6, 2013

I wrote this song (Rudy) as a reminder that a loveless life is empty.