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There's a Monster in my Closet

Listen to your children. There are monsters in people's closets that adults refuse to see...but children can see them...and hear them. Be careful. Kids, the dummies believe you!

The Son of the Ghosts of the Rising Sun

We have always loved The House of the Rising Sun, especially the version by the Animals. Here is a take-off and a tribute to the nameless blues man who penned this song and to the hard lives of the people about whom it was written.

The Woman's Mine

Treat her right, listen to her, and, most important of all, trust her. If you do these things you'll discover a treasure!

The Happy Cowboy

How the heck did reading Shawn Achor's book on happiness and Alex Karras' passing result in this song? As the Beach Boys sing, 'God Only Knows.'

From My Dreams To My Arms

I wrote this song a while back and arranged it with Rick. We love reggae music. I decided to put it up even though it is a bit rough. This is dedicated to that beautiful and mysterious reggae woman out there waiting to be found.

Psychedelic Girl

Me and Rick recorded this song about a year ago after meeting two beautiful hippie chicks; they were a refreshing anachronism in today's 'it's-all- about-me world."

The Young Shaman's Dream

The aborigines of Australia believe that our true life is not the everyday practical life we are accustomed to but our dream life. That is our real life...

Monkey From Heaven - Addendum

We also ask that you remember the people who passed on when the twin towers were destroyed.

Monkey From Heaven

This is Rudy from the dummies, my ex-mother in law passed away last Monday. To honor her passing, I'm posting this song which despite it's title is quite spiritual. Hope you had a good trip, Josie!

Betrayal and 25 Young Dudes

Betrayal is a warm, rancid dish teeming with maggots and burnt meat topped with a creamy ghost chili sauce and served with a fresh mango side salad and a glass of fine red wine laced with arsenic. Alas our tale of betrayal by one of our girlfriends is an eminently sad but all too common one. When it happened last week at the 7-11 where the dummies hang out; me, Rick and not-so-silent Bobby were devastated. Not one,not two or not even three! The woman caroused with 25 boys she calls men! Our agony was put to song so you may suffer with us.