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Surf Music Rocks

Got this surf loop from looperman and used it to write this surf song about the loss of my girl to surf zombies at Huntington Beach yesterday. Oh the humanity!

The Hour

For John F K!

On The Day That You Were Born

The precious and profound gift of fatherhood is the theme of our latest. May all you guys experience it.

This Is Paradise

We accidentally slipped on a banana peel (how cliche') and fell into a Woody Allen movie. And that's how this song came about.

How Much Longer

This song was written and recorded a few years ago after our elucidating trip to Jamaica. The song's message and tone reflect the dire circumstances we encountered, and yet despite these harrowing conditions, the Jamaican people revealed a pure joy that was inspiring. Kudos to Dom and Rick for their sweet leads.

Happy Man

An idea for a song that Rick and I worked out about a year ago.

Bobby Dumped!

Bobby's girl friend dumped him and we took those raw and tender feelings and whipped out this heart-felt, keening lament! Hope you guys can relate. Who says the dummies are not sensitive poetic souls.

Seek The Love

Time to kill your self, which is to say the old self that has caused your unhappiness. This song washes away that self and allows you to create the real you. Quantum physics posits the idea that each second our consciousness, our expectations, create our world. A Course in Miracles says the key to spiritual awakening is forgiveness and love. This is our gift to you.

Heaven's Gate

Sometimes images and phrases appear unbidden and illogical but underneath there exists a feeling. The lyrics came after the music and with no guiding theme. What does the song articulate? Let us know.

The Simple Life Of A Rock and Roll Child

If only the bad men would chill out and let everyone live his/her live as they desire, the world would be a much better place.