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Soul, Movement & Dance.

Orama Entertainment proudly announces Liquid Soul, the definitive compilation of songs from talented independent soul and dance artists hailing from France, New York, Detroit, Florida, Oregon, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Japan. Liquid Soul will be available online at ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other digital retailers, as well as selected U.S. record stores in October. The sub genre of Soul music; Neo-Soul has become so versatile and artistic subsequently influenced, enjoyed and intertwined with musical genre’s such as jazz, Latin, funk & dance. This is the basis of Liquid Soul, which gives you a kind of liberation that is not found on major labels but unremittingly independent. The artists that came together for this compilation truly have the love and devotion for producing good music, and here at Orama our commitment to the audience truly depends on delivering good music and staying independent, there it is.