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The Musical Box

Our song Eggman got it's first airing on the radio last night on Alan Dorey's show The Musical Box which runs on ForestFM www.forestfm.co.uk Can't wait to get Hush finished as it's going to be quite a different vibe to Eggman...


We have just finished the new video for my song Eggman featuring Carl Chamberlain on guitars. Carl filmed and produced the video entirely using an SLR Nikon D3200 camera in HD showing what you can do these days with modern tech and know-how! Other news is that a fully produced version of Hush is near completion and I hope to be releasing it soon. It has been produced by Anthony Grishmann of The Notecatcher Studio and features him on all instruments except acoustic guitars which are by me ;)

Another new song I hope to release at some point is a song called Mysteria.

Gig wise there might be something coming up in December, not sure yet. Still on the look out for a bassist...


I'm hoping to have some new songs recorded in the next week or so, one being the instrumental which I'm currently calling Riff Raff and another song called Comfort for the Brave. If I can get one other song done too it would be good ;-) Might be able to get along to an open mic this week too if I can which would be good. I am also planning to work with local producer Anthony who runs The Notecatch studio on Hush over the next few weeks. Would dearly love to find a bass player soon so we can get some proper rehearsals and gigging going!

New band name

I've changed the name of our project now to HazelToy - seems to be going down well at the moment so we might keep it :)