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Just got back from Nashville....What a great town!! I'm country through and through, but I'd never been (smh), and I'm in love with that city! Gonna finish some new songs, and get down there to play. So many great venues, and the talent there is insane! I loves me some country!!

Solo stuff and what-not!

Hello, my friends! While SFTE is taking a winter break, I'm preparing some new solo goodies for after the New Year! New sound, fun new songs, and, of course, the usual humor! See y'all in the New Year!! Cheers!!!

Back with the Boys!! SFTE!!!

In case you hadn't seen some of my recent posts, I'm back in the studio with Stranger from the East!! New 6-pack of songs comin' your way this fall!! COUNTRY MUSIC, SON!!

Updated Track List!!!

1. That River 2. Couldabeen 3. I Will 4. I Don't Wish You OUT ON iTUNES OCTOBER 13TH!!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm recording my 3 song EP on an iPad (version 1), using Garageband. Really? Yes, really. I'm even using the internal mic. It takes just a little moving around the mic, getting the best sound, and cutting loose. Don't over think any of it. I've often laid down a draft version, tried doing a better, cleaner version, and liking the original. Often, you'll find re-doing it loses the original soul. The original, with a little arrangement, might just surprise you......

Track listing!!

Here they are, folks!! 1. That River 2. All of This and More 3. I Will 4. Couldabeen

I can't wait for y'all to here 'em!! Don't forget; October 13th (how convenient, my birthday!) is the release date on all major digital distributors!

Album vs. EP?

It's a question that every new artist, or veteran artist wonders when getting out their music....There are several country artists that lean towards releasing 6 song EP's, or "6 packs" of music instead of a full album. I also tend to think this is a good idea. Not everyone has $12 to drop on a new album, but almost everyone has $4-6 for some new music....I also lean towards releasing several 4 song EP's in a year, always giving the fan something to look forward to. Keeps things fresh as well!!

Country Pop!!!

I don't have a problem with the label "Country Pop", or "Pop Country". Pop is short for popular, if I remember correctly...I prefer that my music is popular..I've done the "un-popular" thing in the past, and well, it just doesn't pay as well....I'm just speakin' for me, though....

Cheap Guitars? YES!!

I've always used cheap guitars. "That River" was recorded on a $49 SX guitar purchased online. I treated myself to an expensive guitar, but it just wasn't right. I like to fight with a guitar a little. Unfortunately, I gave that away to a young lady that wanted to learn guitar. I'm now using a cheap Fender ($70, used) that feels like the SX. But I don't fall in love with my guitars. Guitars are like women....As soon as I fall in love with one, they seem to leave me....Haha!

Recording Studio?

Someone asked me what studio I record in. Studio? All tracks were recorded and mixed on an iPad (version 1) and recorded through the internal mic into Garage Band. And mastered on my son's Mac. That's about it! T.S.