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One Last Saturday Night

AJP call it a day on Saturday, 18 June, with a private show in Blue Hill. For our last show (for the time being, at least) we'll have Bobby Duron on the skins, Will St. Peter on guitar, Zachary Bence on the Hammond Rhodes, and AJP founding member Mark Tasker on trumpet. We're going out making a joyful noise for a joyful occasion (a graduation party for a recent Bapst grad, who will be sitting in with the band from time to time during the evening) and with a mix of feelings. We played a lot of shows with a lot of cats- but never got around to doing the album we all knew we had within us. Sometimes that just happens. Our favorite gigs? The two shows at Hammond Hall in Winter Harbor stand out, as do our appearances at The Aurora Music Festival and a couple of really special evenings at Nocturnem in Bangor. Thanks to the folks who talked us up on the radio, who came to the shows, who booked us for their festivals and venues. And to those whose doors we could never break down? Well, you missed out on something really special, we think. Bobby, Gaylen, and Will will be continuing on in some form, as Mark heads back to the huge sky and massive silence of Aroostook County. It's been fun, except for when it hasn't, and now life's wheel spins in other directions for us all... Peace- AJP

Joyful Nocturnal Noise

Sometimes a three-setter at the end of the work week feels like it goes on forever. Sometimes the night is so magical, the band so hot, the crowd so into things that you WISH it could go on forever. Friday at Nocturnem Draft Haus in Bangor was the latter- and how. AJP trumpet guy Mark was the "November Featured Artist" for First Friday Jazz, and he was joined by house band "The G-Majors"- with AJP's own Bobby D. on skins. A highlight (and proof of what type of night it was) was opening set two with two cats who walked in off the street- one from Sweden, via Berklee College of Music! Needless to say our Swedish-speaking horn guy (and Berklee) alum had himself a time- and Berklee did itself proud, with 3/5 of the band on stage to start set II Berklee alums. All in all a great warm-up for when the full AJP hit Nocturnem on 29 Dec. Gotta be there, brothers and sisters!

Colin Graebert
Colin Graebert  (over 5 years ago)

12/29...Nocturnem...8-11...Aurora Jazz Project...Epic epic epic jazz. Don't miss it!

A Brave New World (or something)

Well, here we go- ReverbNation! Something tells me this is the key to breaking AJP out of Bangor, ME, and into the places we need to be. Vi ska se!!