EP Released via iTunes, soundcloud and YouTube.

Hey everyone!

You can now download our new EP via the iTunes store worldwide!! And if you happen to be out with friends and wanna throw on our tunes, we've thrown everything up on soundcloud and YouTube as well!! Now you'll never be without the funk.

If you live in Toronto, come check us out on Thursday May 29th at Lee's Palace at 10pm!! We'll be selling our EP for the first time ever. It's sure to be a rockin time.


First EP Ever. Long time coming.

Hey everyone,

It's been a LONG FREAKING TIME COMING but we are proud to announce that our first-ever 7-track EP will be released by the end of April, early May at the ABSOLUTE latest. Our 7-track EP is about to be mastered in the next couple weeks. Our album artwork is done, and all mixing is complete. All that we have left to do is print a ton of CDs, have a bunch of T-Shirts made, and set a bunch of show dates so you can all lose your shit with us at our live show!!! The way it's meant to be. 8)

Stay tuned to hear one of our sexy new tracks as it will be uploaded as early as Thursday or Friday of this coming week.

Thanks to everyone's continued support through liking and checking out our band. If you know of anyone else who you think would really like our stuff, send them our way!! The more attention we can get on sites like this, the more doors we can open. We can't do this without you.

Love forever and always, Alejandro Gwontanglio Ruffruff

Fresh shipment of songs


We finally finished a couple songs for your listening pleasure! We actually recorded them both way earlier in the year, but through a heathly dose of clusterfuckery, we only got them off the mixing table this week. Whatever though, they're done and out and we're happy campers.

'Cold Shower' has long been our favourite song just because it's so damn groovy and fun to play live. Cayton gets to jive with his semi-jibberish lyrics, Bdot gets to funk out and do some singin' as well, I get to slap the bass around, and Nathan gets to do whatever the fuck drummers like to do. Not sure exactly what the song is about - you'll have to ask Cayton - but I think he said it's about being so cripplingly addicted to extreme hardcore BDSM internet porn that he has to take a cold shower every morning just to stay functional. Can't be sure though, you'd better ask him.

Anyway, the other song is called 'Rock and Roll.' Or 'Rock 'n Roll,' maybe. We never decided. It's basically a song about being in a rock and roll band. It's a nice little toe-tapper of a ditty that came together real naturally during practice.

Check 'em out and let us know if you like them or not! As for what's to come, some more time in the studio to record two new songs, and hopefully a sexy EP soon after that.

Thanks for readin' -stuckey

First Official King Tut Show and Tell Sesh

So I've recently been going back through our disgustingly large library of jam files from over the past four years in search of something dirty and funky to smash my head around to, when I noticed the total king tut library size at the bottom of iTunes.... Over 16 gigabytes of jam files... 8l So, LIKE...in other words... if you really wanted to, you could get naughty with King Tut in the privacy of your own bedroom for over a month straight. Crazy naughty. OR WAIT, you CAN'T. Cuz it all just rots HARD on becky's computer 24/7 while she smokes crack with all her delinquent friends (Ford). Friends.... It's time to fix this problem. Becky (my female alter ego) has decided she's willing to share. 8O!!!!

So as part of this new blog we'll be rockin, we're gonna start tossing up some rockin' jams from time to time, maybs along with some old gems or some teasers of the new songs that we've been working on.....Becky's been hoarding everything to herself for far too long and it's time to lay the smackdown.

The First Official King Tut show and tell sesh: "Dirty Box" from March 10, 2011 Jam

So for starters, keep in mind all jams have been recorded with an internal mic on a macbook with garageband, AKA, not the best quality in the world. But! The love and balls still remain. Best suggestion? Crank it on a phat soundsystem anyway and jack the bass. This jam was recorded a month into our second year as a band... You'll notice Cayton isn't on the track because this is around the time when he first officially joined the band. But WHATEVS right? lol. We used to rock this song at the Supermarket in Kensington market during our long and neverending quest for our "unique male vocalist" to a large crowd of relatively bored looking folks with the odd person losing their shit in the back. It would be awesome to really bring this one back and nail it. Who knows? Maybs we will one day! :O :D!!!


CHECK IT. https://soundcloud.com/nathanafi/march-10-jam-dirty-box-excerpt

-Natayho Yobinjindwank

New material on the way

If you've been in a band, you've probably experienced those frustrating periods of creative stagnation where you and your mates plug away on songs for weeks and weeks, but nothing really develops much. When it happens, it's a bummer, and it's difficult to break out of unless you're all in a good space creatively.

King Tut has always been about us mashing tunes together as a team. We jam improv, give our opinions, yell at each other, and drink a lot of beer. Each of us brings an equal amount of input to the songwring process, which is great to have and a lot of fun, but it can be a pain the neck sometimes. Sometimes you just want someone to step up and say, "This is how it's going to go. Do what I say or I'll fuck you into oblivion, k? thx." Songs can be written faster that way, even if you are doing the bidding of a dictator. But all said and done, we dig the democratic way of writing music.

Anyway, we've been working on a few songs for the last few months, and they're FINALLY coming to fruition. It's an exciting time and each of us is coming to practice with some fire in the belly. Our guitarist took off to Cuba for a week like a chump so we have to wait around for him, but it feels like all the creative effort is finally paying off. We'll do our damndest to keep the momentum going.

We're also in the process of getting a couple new songs mixed and mastered, so stay tuned for those as well. I'm sure our few fans out there are hungry for some new recordings, and we're just as eager to get it out there. Should be out in a few weeks, hopefully.

Oh yes and we've also started this blog. peace.

-the bass player