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Kill Some Zombies

So, The Laundry Dogs are about halfway through recording the "ZP" and The Zombie Song is posted as a little teaser.

So much has been learned amidst this process. With hardly even a specific genre prior to recording, it's probably safe to say that The Laundry Dogs fall within the Fuzz-Rock zone... -for some of the songs. We remain flexible with our vibe. It's always a terrible day in music when any artist actually TRIES to limit the some of their box! No limits here. Just real music.

The Mask

So, after a call from management, we'll need to find a new home for our drum kit... Feeling a little proud that we got some attention from our formerly "rockless" neighbors :)

Laundry's Done

We opened our Reverbnation tonight and, although experimental at best, be assured that rock will now no longer be the same.

The tracks listed were recorded as honestly as possible. -Acoustically, without editing. Are we normally so eclectic? No. We are pretty much rock. The Laundry Dogs is actually all about loud-as-hell electric guitars, tribally-themed drum beats, and thumping bass lines. But, any "good" song will always represent itself at it's most stripped-down state, so why no start with an acoustic opener? Enjoy.