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Random Wandering

In the event that I start to feel like it’s all becoming too much, I remember how many talented people surround and support me. How much it’s taken for all of us to get here. Emit’s unwavering courage, bravery and honor shine so incredibly that you can actually see it on his face, in his smile, and in our songs. From the very first notes he has inspired me to dream bigger and feel harder. Rich’s unquestionable talent lights an eternal fire that burn my doubts to ash. When I start to get lost, its that flame that brings me back to the hope of the way it should be, not the way it was. John’s pounding spirit is the movement carries me when I forget how to stand. Like a father’s contagious laughter, popping and crashing towards a welcoming steadiness. Lastly, there is Nic, without who there would be no music at all. He is the reason, the purpose and the bass of what creates who I am. To push the roots of my soul, forcing them to grow stronger and create elaborate designs. I no longer see 4 people playing instruments, I see 4 warriors preparing for battle. Proud Vikings who defend the freedoms they have created, not just that which has been given to them. This is how our music has changed me, how music has saved my life