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The Beginning

Like most bands, I started this one in my room. I'd had the desire to write songs since I was a little kid, but its not just something you start doing. I mean, it is in a way, but I just was having a hard time doing it. First off, I couldn't really sing. I'd made some tapes of me trying to sing Nirvana songs when I was about 14, but the final products were so ghastly when I listened back, that I burned them all in the fireplace after everyone went to bed (or at least thats what I thought, my mom ended up busting one out years later to show me how far I'd come....needless to say I didn't sing for weeks after that!) Secondly, my guitar playing skills weren't much to write home about either. I, still to this day, have never really practiced my scales, and I keep my thumb firmly secured OVER the top of the neck. BUT, against all odds, while a steady rain was falling outside on a grey Sunday morning of my 18th year of life, I decided to write my first song. I don't really remember much of the process, just playing chords in drop D and writing about what I was doing. When I realized that "sitting on the floor alone at my parent's house" wasn't really much of a "catchy theme," I decided to come with a new plan of attack. What was something that I knew about, that would also have universal appeal to my peers?? All we really do is ....? go to school? boooring! argue with adults? eh, ok, but not really that easy to write about...i know! PARTY!! and so, To End All was born! (derived from the phrase "the party to end all parties") It had been at Justin's house the friday before, and I was still recovering from it that fateful Sunday morning. That was that: the floodgates were open!