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Opinion from listner

“Great alternative yet jazzy sounding intro to this track, there are some great opening melodies on the front end of the track. The song does become a bit more cabaret sounding in style, once the first verse and the singing kick in together. I enjoyed the light but upbeat nature and feel of the song overall, I found it entertaining and easy to listen to. Certainly a well composed, arranged and performed song though.” Undisclosed Listner, Male 35, USA

Comment from reviwer

It has a Jazz feel to it and reminds me a little bit of the style of George Melly. This track sounds sort of laid back and describe an ironic scenario of some sort. It feels just a bit gangster style as though this is playing behind a criminal agreement in some out of the way restaurant. The cymbals are very busy. I like the soft drum at 3.30 behind the lyrics. Some nice swirling saxophone. -Undisclosed listner, Female 50 years old, USA

Comment from listner

Nice sultry, abrasive groove. This would work well in a movie. It has a nice buildup with a melody that gives it a super secret spy feel. The song has a nice feel to it. Nice guitar playing. -Undisclosed listner Male 29, USA

Crowd review

“Very soulful rhythm and the vocalist has a very nice and emotional voice. The melody just flows and sounds very romantic, and it picks up at the right moment without going overboard.” Undisclosed listner Female 30 years old, USA.

Kilindu EP reviwed on Taxi!

TAXI A&R reviewed the song "O que o futuro nos traz" that is the single for the EP named Fado Novo. The review was "Good melody, catchy and emotional." From 0 to 10, the average score is 9.