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Trip to the Dam

Well, it's been a while but we are delighted to be heading off to Amsterdam to play in Mulligans Bar. 18th / 20th Nov. Hope to see some of you there.

Holland Tout Sept 2016

Another gig booked for our Holland tour in Sept. Happy days.

Exciting news

We are very excited in the Cua camp. Going to team up with Emerald Storm over the next wee while and look to hitting the road together. Watch this space.

cua ep launch

We are delighted to announce the launch date for our eponymous ep as the 10th October and at a super unique location in The Store Yard, Kea-Lew Business Park, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland. It's been exactly one year since we began recording on the first track on the ep and we are excited to get a chance to play it for you in these amazing boutique surroundings.

Make sure to keep an eye on our pages for more information and how you can join us and support us: http://www.youtube.com/cuaceol http://www.facebook.com/cuaceol http://reverbnation.com/cua

Please do get in touch as we love hearing from all you guys and gals and love making new musical friendships.

Celebrate nominated best song................

Celebrate nominated for best song on Trev Puremmag. Awesome Celebrate: https://youtu.be/Id9QS51fd0Y

cua and the Catholes

let's start at the end, firstly our new video for our new song, (and if) the morning's alright, has just gone live. Produced by Merlin Stone and cua it stars some of the breathtaking scenery of Co. Laois. Also starring in the video is our newest member, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Ros O'Meara. We are looking forward to our gig supporting Andy Irvine on 29th Novemeber and we are studio-bound this weekend. Once again we will be enjoying the ambience at the Golden Egg Studios where we just recorded our latest song. The next song is called Celebrate and you will be hearing it very soon. cua cuamusic@gmail.com

A Chluas Cuasach

Hi Folks,

well it's time for our annual blog! So where are we now... back home settling down for the Winter. We have been out of the country playing 4 times, thrice in Holland and once in Denmark with Shanakua; entertained at a plethora of weddings at Roundwood House; played countless amazing Irish festivals and folk clubs and venues.

We released our album, The Winter Tapes, which has been well received and much celebrated.

So next up we are embarking on our 2nd recording project and using what we have learned in the making of The Winter Tapes we are pretty excited about what the results are going to be. New songs and tunes we have written during the year are ready to be put down and we are looking forward to the upcoming year with some exciting shows already lined up.

Much love to all the support and fun we have had with everyone during the year.,


A Slow Leslie!

At last all recording is done for our album "The Winter Tapes" Now for some serious mixing and tweaking. Happy days.