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Cooking FOR GOD

Man eat and cooks for himself but man cook for God and to be a relevant cook your destiny is at the mercy of the following :

1. WHAT YOU HEAR PER TIME. Both spiritual and natural information, Understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is defined as aquisition of relevant information and the application of knowledge is wisdom. Mtt. 7:24, Lk 1:45

2. WHAT YOU THINK. Your thought is a product of what you’re tought. Your thought is an eye to the invisible. Jer. 1:5-7, Habk. 2:1-4

3. THE RELATIONSHIP YOU KEEP. Prov. 13:20. Frienship is not by force it is by choice.

4. WHAT YOU EAT. Supernatural food and natural food. Mtt. 4:4, Lk. 4:4 if you are a pastor, when you don’t eat well you may not preach well. Jermiah said I Found Thy Word And I Did Eat Them. God also eats. Ps.69:30-31, 1Cor. 10:10 Praising God is cooking for God.

You can’t cook for God and not be fed by God. Isa. 43:21 WHY PRAISING GOD? – Iam created for this In cooking for God, the better salt is Thanksgiving and a joyful song will do. Dance can’t be left out of here. I am cooking for God on this special day of mine.