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On my own...

Hello friends. I've put it off for a long time but I'm finally striking out on my own. It's a frightening prospect but also exhilarating. I'm beginning with a set of music that I've played in various projects through the years, but I intend to evolve my material as I go to more closely match where my musical tastes have come to over the years. My hope is that what I do will resonate with some of you in some way. The music I have posted to start with was recorded with FBI and is not actually representative of what I am doing right now. I intend to replace that audio eventually with more current recordings, but felt I should at least get some audio of my voice posted to this page. Although I created this profile mainly to manage my solo endeavors, I will also post shows with my other projects here (currently duos with various others, a trio with the remains of FBI called Fustercluck, and the occasional FBI reunion ).