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My appologies

I am very sorry for the blog i posted recently.everyone who i offended as well as vers3tyle i am very sorry.in my own defense i was very intoxicated and didnt even remember makin the post. i'm not sayin that justifies what was said and that was a total bitch move on my behalf...i am ashamed of myself... i know you are pissed and have every right to be...however i am manning up and appologizing...i am salty about being talked about behind my back but,thats no excuse either.Everyone im sorry...especially VERS3TYLE


can you beleive these cats,they act as if they blind folded wit cataracts,but still they speak that,dumd diddy dumb shit that will fleetwoodmac but never,habitat the mind of a real figure,like nwa i put u on icecubes,not trippin on ill verses on i tunes,but wit these beats better have my money at high noon,and you softies take the cake,its like a brain freeze when i shake,the tension,type to give police folk honerable mention,im classified,fbi,csi,cia,never catch me in the home wit out the ak,or that 40 cal cuz them blue devils after me,this is a freestyle you aint seen a masterpeice


Everybody interested,I am in the process of producing a 15 to 18 song album called "THE OUTBREAK" Along the way I will hit you with songs for the album,bonus songs, and also mixtapes