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Killin' it

For those familiar with the West Seattle scene, I spent today alongside Scott Helgason (of Lowmen Markos and Blackheart Honeymoon) at Kill Room Studios. If all goes well, July 5th, we'll be officially kicking off the first of many collaborations!

Suffice it to say: the prospects are exciting. We have similar tastes and standards, and I believe our efforts will prove extremely prolific in the coming months.

Check Facebook for a sneak-peek!


Hey, everyone!

First and foremost, I must apologize for being much less of a presence than I ever anticipated. And simultaneously thank you for hanging on.

Many great things are happening - From projects and collaborations to performances and creations. I have a new team behind me and solid network of support to help make this year the best yet!

I encourage you to stay connected in the meantime.