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I got an interest E-Mail yesterday...

...I would have never have thought but then I guess you never know...Thank you Kim for the attention.

Hey my name is Kim and I am booking for a 2016 Extreme Sports and Music tour. I was checking out your ReverbNation and was curious if you would be interested in possibly touring this coming summer/fall? Are you available? I’d like to talk about this, please reply to this email if you are interested. I will watch for your response.

Thanks again!

*please reply to this email only*


Kim Murray

A&R Representative The Extreme Tour www.theextremetour.com

Like a Bird in a cage...

Being Artistic is a relative term weather described by critics, friends, family or foe. There are so many possibilities that unless the cage door is open you may never know the beauty of flight ( Artistry ). Now having said that here comes the criticism. Creativity is in the mind of the Creator...not necessarily in the mind of the beholden...that is subjective, what the public perceives as either junk or art. For the Artist...singularity, oneness even with it's advantage of aiding the creative...is not the final solution unless all of the creativity is for the mere aspect of self and nothing more but... ...it rarely is something held under lock and key. Art at times is a reflection of self or surroundings. It is a bit of "Pavlov's Dog" in it's necessity for the human soul to exist. An action for a reaction. A reaction to an action brought on by a need. The answers are on the other side of the door that appears closed...but be wary of what you seek for the things you ask for can come to you in comfort like the brilliant sunrise or like a blinding light that fails to allow you peace of mind... ...and after all is Art not supposed to allow you to be satisfied? I am!

...it will never die!

...I don't care what people say...Rock and Roll is here to stay! Quote from the hit song " At The Hop" by Danny and the Juniors! We all have to stand up for what we believe in!

Words to Dream by...

If you as in the general populous think about music...we could get lost. The reason being the catolog is so huge and covers so many styles and now what is called Genre.

But when you calculate it all out it is music...no deffinition required...it can speak for its self!

so why do people need to know, why does it have to be catogorized?

I think it comes down to purpose and pride ( Money )...as if to say Hey, this is where I come from.

There was a time in popular music, that is what they called it back in the old day's...when I was a kid...everything played on the same stations...well except for those radio stations that only played Counrty or Jazz or Classical but there were very few of them back then.

Ok so heres where the styles began to get personal...it may have started with Jazz...but the Blues from the late 1800's after the Civil War...gained popularity and morphed in the 50's actually the saying is "The Blues had a baby and Rock and Roll was born"...well soon after there was 'Pop' music ( popular by definition )...and when Rock and Roll came about there was Rockabilly and the from the Blue of a modern age there became my favorite Genre..." ROCK".

There is no denigning Soul...Rythym and Blues...and all the other styles know to man...

The interesting thing is that as time progresses everything becomes more complicated...doesn't have to be...

After all it is only Rock and Roll!

In rememberence of Glenn Frey

...it does effect everyone differently.

When someone we are so familiar with passes away.

I remember a time in the old days when I was just starting out playing in a local cover band

how we reveled in the glory of songs that so inspired us to be the musicians we so desired to be.

I had always been around the Eagles in one way or another and a song that was a true portal for

me and my band mates was "James Dean".

Timothy B. Schmitt a truly awesome Bassist and high vocal singer was hard to match on this song, I

did my best was always a struggle...couldn't hold a candle to him.

So time ticks by the soulful moments remembering Glenn Frey who was described by Don Felder as

the James Dean of the Eagles...who in case you didn't know already also sang the song so celebrated.

Glenn, we will always miss you but never forget you!


...I have always thought of fame from the back seat ( perhaps I should rephrase that ) meaning as a passenger not the driver...obviously I know nothing of it. It's not too difficult to imagine that if from the back seat you could gradually become famous but you know if that were so obscurity might be a lot of Artist's second name...I think the word's "Thrust into the Spotlight" aptly applies here...not of your free will but of the demand to be popular and to succeed. Success for what it is worth depends on the value you place on your personal time. I am just not willing to do that except for my family. My family gets all of me period. That my friends is my Fame.

The Hobbit and a song about life..." A Story "

The Story of the 'Hobbit'...is an amazing Story!

JRR Tolkien used his visions to open humans up to a different way to view some of the many challenges in his own life that we too all face at one point or another.

I wrote this song and recorded it after being inspired by The Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies!

My hope is you can experience the full spectrum of the drama and emotion that drove me to write, perform, play and sing this song with special thanks and recognition to Victor Snow who plays the Drums and set the final piece of this song to victory.

Peace...Sweet 2016!

...is it in my head?

Relative to Soul...

Relative to everything...

Either I block it all out ( most probably true ) or I am blessed that most people when they listen to my music and voice say something in their heads like ( Bless his pea-pickin little heart ) ( meaning: poor boy doesn't have any idea he is so bad...but he tries so hard, just couldn't break his little heart to tell him he sucks ).

I am blessed cause it doesn't matter (Actaully it does matter)...I do what I do not because I am lookin for anyones approval...yeah it would be nice to hear it once in awhile but I am a Singer/Songwriter...I am not Taylor Swift.

I could name names of a few Singer/Songwriters that I have loved and had issues with...but that just proves my point even further. You will get what you get and that is the beautiy of it.

If there ever was something that an Artist did that sticks with you... you will know it...like a good song they can be few and far between...just depends on what you are searching for...listening for.

Some Musician's, Songwriters...I could see harddening themself to protect their ego's...it's tough when people are brutle and blunt.

The real silver lining is remembering that what you do first and formost has nothing to do with someone elses opinion...

...it comes down to how you feel about what you do, as long as you honest with yourself, you are already ahead of the curve and for the world out there that wants to mock what you do...well

Have a nice Day!

Merry Christmas!

...So as the worlds turns time passes by more quickly with each advancing year. If you don't take hold of your ideas they too will pass away if you let them. We all have the opportunity to get back the past...we never really let it go now do we? It just depends on your constitution and how much you believe in yourself. Like your ideas that grew in the beginning about the things that gave you strength they are still yours like the future. I am but ( as Pete Townshend used to say ) an old Fart in a young persons worldbut one thing I have never done or given up on is my belief in myself. I have no one but me to stand up to and so it seems I am alone facing the odds but the odds are in my favor...I have only me to respond to. You may choose to ignore who I am or fail to grasps my concepts of music and even negatively comment about the value my efforts but you are entitled to your opinion...I'll just move on and you should as well. Like the grains of sand on the beach so are the talents of Singers and Songwriters in the world. I cannot pretend to be more then the sum of my parts...the influences I have had and the inspirations that will come to me tomorrow. So here I stand in the depths of all that is relevant to any Rock and Roll Dreamer and say to you that I must do what I do as you must do what you do...but in the interest of fairness and brotherly love in music we must be faithful to each other on some level of decency...however knowing there are those that could care less. Peace to those who do what is right for their needs...and not abuse the efforts of others but in the same respect when the time arises be truthful and care in the things you do...for in the end their will only be you to answer to. Merry Christmas!

Stand up for what you believe in...

Pete Seeger...Bob Dylan...Woodie and Arlo Guthrie, Crosby, Still's, Nash and Young...Bob Segar, Bruce Springstein, I am missing so many names it is near sacriligious to not mention them all but for the sake of everyone who ever held up a flag figurativly or actually did, to stand for right and to correct a wrong...to voice a personal opinion that should be heard either in a statement or poetry or a defiant call for justice...in music and song...Thank you all for being strong and enlightening us all to things that sometimes we do no see...for helping us to be better through compassion and understanding!