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Doing some thinking...

Awake a little too early today, so I have had some extra time to think. That can be dangerous, I know..lol. When we started this, writing and playing music, it was something that was fun, but not something that we had envisioned trying to share with, well, the world..lol. Anytime you put yourself out there, you have to be ready for the bad as well as the good. Overall, the support we've had from everyone has been good. Thankfully, because I don't know that early on if either of us would've been able to stay with it through a lot of negative feedback..lol. I guess when you do something that puts you out there, the support is surprising. Maybe what we do isn't so bad after all? We had envisioned ourselves as a couple of amatuers, who happened to be able to throw a song together, and whether anyone else liked it or not, we would enjoy it because it was ours. So, between here on RN, Facebook, Youtube, ect., the results have been surprising. I guess, all in all, no longer than we've been doing this, we should be very pleased. We've gotten support from people we wouldn't have expected it from, but at the same time we've not been supported by some of those that I really thought would. You really feel like, when setting out, that friends and family are going to support you. But, that's been an eye opener. Yes, we have gotten a lot of support from those close to us. It means a lot, just as the support from those who aren't close to us means a lot. But, at the same time, some who we figured would support us, haven't. Maybe the wheels just turn slowly? What we do doesn't lend itself to big, loud productions. Original music can be uninteresting to the first time listener, even if its a good song. Acoustical recordings and live perfomances seem to be more interesting to musicians, than to the average listener. I guess all of that, combined with us not being blessed with the greatest vocal or guitar abilities, make it difficult to "sell" what we do. I think anyone who has ever put up a video on youtube, envisioned getting a million hits. lol. While we weren't thinking a million, we were hoping for a thousand anyhow..lol The results make you question yourself a little. But, we get enough good feedback to keep the negative thoughts at bay enough to keep keeping on. I guess its just a matter of not being able to please everyone, ever. Some people just aren't going to like what you do, no matter what you do. But, some will. As long as a few people do, we will continue to do this. If nobody does, we still will continue to do this. Because, while the support is nice, we didn't start writing songs for everyone else. We started writing for us, then decided to share it. All this being said, thank you, for being fans, for coming to watch us play, for listening, and leaving feedback. We hope that the list of you grows and grows. We really do want to share what we do with everyone, and while we would like to think that everyone will enjoy it, even if only a few actually do, then we are still sharing....and it is absolutely still worth doing.

Upcoming Trip

Jason and I are getting ready to head for Bull Shoals for a few days for some fishing, relaxation, and hopefully to find a song or two in the serenity that the lake has to offer. If nothing else, a good time will be had..lol