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Chronicle Review

Check out the review of our debut 7" from the AUSTIN CHRONICLE http://www.austinchronicle.com/music/2013-05-17/cunto-the-blind-pets-and-octopus-rex-finally-a-good-band-from-austin-he-said-she-said-last-summer/

Live Show Recorded

http://www.dejaset.com/sets/octopus-rex/feb-06-13--2 here is our live set if you want to download the magic from 2/7/13. You can also download our friends UNTD SNKS live set here http://www.dejaset.com/sets/untd-snks/feb-06-13--3 which i downloaded earlier and have been listening to non stop. - Justin

1st Review of the triple single is in

Hey guys! "last summer" made the top 13 of the week on www.advanceddemonology.com!!!


Last Summer - EP Release

Check out Octopus Rex's debut EP out December 1st, 2012