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California Kid and Octopi Rock Stars

As per the last post, we did exactly what I said we would. Eleven songs in two days, some bagels, tea and sandwiches and many many chocolate chip cookies, made by yours truly.

The new record will be called California Kid. And I could tell you more about how Christopher Allis would’a made Levon Helm proud, Michael Sherwood was channeling Leon Russell, Jason Chesney was just his amazing self with no comparison, Bart Ryan was greasy and dirty just like we knew he would be, and how Christian Nesmith not only produced but played like Wiley Coyote if he were a rock n roll octopus, but I think you just gotta listen to this one.

Notes about the wet and wild background overdubs with Debra Tala and Laura Drew to come…..

The folks at Stagg Street Studios were lovely to work with. And the homey atmosphere, pooches and all, only enhanced the great sounding room and gear.

Feel free to show them some love by visiting them here:


Join us for the FREE record release show on

Sunday July 25th at The Grand Ole Echo 1822 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026