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Crowd review

So I gave the crowd review a shot, I figured "hey, it's ten bucks" let's see what happens. As a result I got a most fascinating commentaries on my music. Here it is- This song has a very old fashion feel to it it is a classical sounding song in the beginning first 50 seconds and then it turns into a weird creepy guy thing. This song sounds like it could be cool back in the day but not anymore, not in this century athletes. It also sounds likekind of mid evil sounding like it has flutes and will pinnacles and I made that word up and yeah.mine own opinion is because I am in huge sick genius, I feel like this song deserves a seven out of 10 for the effort that was given and because the sound quality itself was pretty good I do however wonder if he is ever going to update the lyrics because the song sound so old that it's so original. Pretty cool eh? I'm not sure how helpful it is, but it's easily $10 worth of entertainment.

riding off into the sunset

I may just put up an occasional dispatch from the post 50 side.