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HUUUUUUUGE Thanks to Greg Cronin who is the biggest badass like ever. Hands down. Thanks so much for your time and energy in helping us record and coming to our shows, Greg! We 3 you!

Recording Didly Big

We are recording the rest of our EP "Didly Big" riiiiiiight meow. :) Can't wait to unleash it on the world!

Feel free to check out our live videos from The Gothic Theater for a preview! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpx9b3dmg5rnW28UiBaIE6g

Slow Yellow Released

Slow Yellow has been released!! Feel free to check it out and download it if you like! :)


Thanks to school and other such things, recording our demo's has been slightly delayed. We are hoping to get them done in the next couple of months though! Until then we are going to work on getting more videos up so we can at least have something you all can have a listen to!

Photos coming Soon!

We are working on getting professional pictures taken. We are also working on getting some solid Demo Tracks for you to listen to. Hang tight and we will have it to everyone soon!