I D G A F if U r ANiMAL or MIniMal

I had a light-mare the other nite it was rare- I lit the night w/a flare & walked alone down the stairs- nobody's there. yea no body just a head w/an evil glare....-like what...you need something Im busy & don't act like you've missed me or that you care..........Ive lived here since the 50s & my name equals 55 sixty & poof a gust of air pretty nifty ....but hardly rare. [I D G A F if U r ANiMAL or Minimal I Am Mechanical manIMAL iNfinite SUBliminal ]


FireWorks . FIRE WoRKS . No Really Fire works.

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The spiritual pull of the ancient & the futuristic. The inability to find & fulfill any prophecy other than this. The lidless eye watching & waiting. The memory of some well, a wish.

The euphoria of speeding down an empty road which rolls backward melting into the open plains where freedom lives & knows my name.

The now that was & is & was. The deconstruction of many into one & The reconstruction of one into many. The cyclic birth death rebirth of selfs w/in one self until there is only the

Continuous Wav Activity

W/in each second that the mind samples to create the moment that was, just before the buzz kicks in the backdoor of the synapse ignition site........a powerful rite can be seen from the cliffs near Necropolis. I saw it twice, on the way home from the artificial life. It made a sound that I am still trying to duplicate, in order to relive & loop the moment so that I can chronicle the activities which were witnessed..........i will communicate w/ the creators w/its creation & hope to reach the far station by winter. journal entry from Outland - 2027