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Gearing Up For The Weekend

Busy couple of days coming with double rehearsals tomorrow. Trio get together with Paul and Sean in the afternoon preparing for Partick Festival gig followed by Haggerdash in the evening. Heading for Edinburgh gig with Haggerdash tomorrow night. Final confirmation of Partick Folk Festival details should be available fairly soon @ http://www.partickfolkclub.org.uk/plugins/eventsmanager/index.php. On a lighter note - I could swear I saw the sun this week then I blinked and it was gone! Adam

New Trio Line Up

Hi, i'm finally back to blogging after a considerable break which took in Christmas and the beginning of the year! Towards the end of 2012 I had started to realise that it was important, as an artiste, not to limit myself to working with just one band or as a solo artist. The reasons for this are twofold - there are limited platforms for folk/traditional musicians within the UK. So it's of benefit to have various collaborations which in turn should increase opportunities for performing live (which is ultimately the main reason I do what I do). The other is the obvious but not to be talked about, too much, financial benefits of having more than one string to your bow.

Changes have been afoot with the Adam McCulloch Trio line now up featuring Paul McKenna (vocals/bazuki) and Sean Gray (flute/whistles). We debuted at the Glenfarg Folk Club on 8/4/13 footage of which can be found on my You Tube Channel.

Those of you with an interest in the Scottish Folk/Traditional scene will no doubt recognise the names and YES they are the same Paul and Sean from the Paul McKenna Band. The Paul McKenna Band remains their main interest so working with Paul and Sean has presented some challenges, particularly trying to fit rehearsals round their busy schedules. For once the technology that I tend to moan about is actually being used to our advantage with video recordings of new songs/arrangements etc being emailed to each other to allow a kind of "virtual rehearsal". This is an exciting way to make the best of our time and to pass ideas back and forth.

In addition to the new Trio line up I continue to play, as honorary member of Haggerdash and I'm looking forward to playing with them at the Bellarup Festival, Denmark in August this year. Certainly hope I fare better on the health front this time round, I suffered from a terrible bug on my first trip to Bellarup and was just able to manage the performances before crawling off to my sick bed!

So now that i've finally started blogging again hope to be in touch again ...soon. Adam

Picking Up

Well thats Halloween over and done with!! Collected my guitar complete with new pick-up, really pleased with the sound although will have to wait till the Old Mill gig on the 10th Nov to put it through it's first work out as Saturdays gig @ Craigie Folk Club is more than likely going to be unplugged. Plugged in, in the shop my guitar sounds great and is looking fab with the new pick-up being hidden from sight. Tomorrow may bring me some extra guitar goodies with delivery of a new tuner and capo imminent. Just rehearsing Sat nights set at the moment - night off tomorrow heading out to the Pics.

Making The Most of....

During the Trio's quiet spell enjoying writing new material, working on new musical arrangements & working on my solo set! Had a great few days chilling with the family in the autumn sunshine. Enjoying it while we can before the clocks go back!! Adam

Technical Challenges

Discovering how frustrating it is, giving so much time and effort to the technical apsect of running a band in the 21st century, when all we really want to do is make music!