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I'm starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finance my next EP.

For those generous enough to donate, there will be special thank you's such as being the first people to receive the new EP, one of my hats, and the opportunity to actually sing on the EP!

Watch this space for more details.



Promotions trail

Skype meeting with both my music director and my promotions manager tomorrow. Talking about getting more gigs and performance techniques. Should be fun and informative.

Number 1

Managed to get to number 1 in my local singer/songwriter charts on here. All that without actually selling a track!

Got a skype meeting next week with Resound Media who are my artist development mentors about actually releasing the tracks and publishing my very first video.


Stinking cold and a week off school. Normally I would like that but I'm glad to be going back today.

First Blog

I'm away at the moment with the church youth and going to have to practice practice practice when I get back. Music GCSE performances, grade 3 piano exam and the EP launch coming up in the next few weeks. Phew, busy.