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tampa hard rock rising excepted me

please please i need this spread the word voting starts febuary third till febuary 14 or 18th but go to tampa hard rock and vote and sign in at the location with your phone and it triples my votes

need more fans pass it around my site

i could use a boost in my fans and any help from my fans is most appreciated

hard rock rising 2013

i have 51 votes and could use all the help i can get thank you can see the link om my page

my thoughts

the second song on my play list i dont know how it just happened this is the first take on it we was messing around an them words came out and also want be long samr night first takes i know they can be tweeked but dang thats not to bad

new music comming today

well i will be putting on mew music and hope you enjoy them this music will be with the other band members so enjoy