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Very Blessed

So much is going on right now in my music but I'm completely humbled by the support of all my fans and followers! Got bless you all and thank you for helping me bring people hope through music!

Very Busy

You know when you get busy in this business make sure you don't burn yourself out! Busy is good but sleep is great! We are playing almost every weekend right now in Texas and it is many long nights on the road and many hours of setting up and packing...but in the long run, it's all worth it! Keep your head up and remember that in the end...you'll be smiling!


Texas Music Awards...Please nominate me for all the eligible categories @ www.texasmusicawards.org, This can really change my career!!!

Doing What I Love..

You know the music business is not the same as it used to be when Dolly, Patsy, Tammy or even Reba made it!!! The average singer/song-writer/performer has to work their tail off to be noticed, even in their local markets. I continue to ask myself, "Am I just crazy?" Singing since I was four, I truly have a large fan base but it continues to not be "enough" in "their" eyes. I strive everyday to just carry on in my passion for music. I pray one day to be discovered in the massive world of entertainers, but if I don't...I will continue to do what I love...sing and make people smile!