American Southern Gospel’s Don Leake hits the air Sunday in new radio show

(From The London Sunday Herald:) VIRGINIA - Greater Love’s Don Leake, founder of the Southern Gospel sensation with hits like ‘saved by the bell’, which features the voice of Leake’s son, Craig Leake, as well as ”Stay the Course’, one of the group’s latest songs feauring Don Leake, bass singer and founder of the group, will introduce a new radio show on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 4:00PM EST on http://blogtalkradio.com/greaterlove

Leake, who has been singing his entire life, has taken Greater Love to a new stage. On the road and touring weekly, Leake says it’s time to reach out to those who may never know that Greater Love is more than just a ministry, it’s a family.

“The thing about Greater Love is that they believe in faith, love and compassion. It doesn’t matter who you are or why you’re listening. They just want you to to know that you’re accepte into the Greater Love family just as you are”, said a spokeswoman for the group.

“The ministry has always held the belief that their job is not to change anyone. There job is to love. A person will never be judged by this group. Never”, said a group insider. (*UPDATE:) The new radio show premiered Sunday, March 13th at 4PM (EST). The show will continue every Sunday at 4PM (EST) and the first live broadcast will launch in April. The radio show will also be available at the Greater love website at http://greaterloveoutreach.org.

(source: http://londonsundayherald.tumblr.com/post/3811574418/american-southern-gospels-don-leake-hits-the-air)



The Top Ten Internet Gospel Radio Shows over the weekend are in. The rankings depend on the numbers of listeners as well as the amount of time each listener was on. Congratulations to OneNationFM.com on being the number one gospel internet show for March.

#1. One Nation FM.Com (Gospel / 128k stereo) Language: English Location: Kansas City, USA - Missouri 24-7 Gospel Internet Station. The Big Station - One Nation FM.Com

#2. KLLN - 90.9 FM (Gospel / 32k stereo) Language: English Location: Newark, USA - Arkansas The Oldest Online AND Over-The-Air Southern Gospel Music-Only Station! InterCasting AND Broadcasting Southern Gospel Music 24 hours a day! #3. One Nation FM.Com2 (Gospel / 24k mono) Language: English Location: Kansas City, USA - Missouri 24-7 Gospel Internet Station, (The Big Station - One Nation FM.Com2)

#4. Greater Love with Don Leake (Gospel/ Internet Live Stream) Language: English Location: Orange, USA - Virginia 24-7 Gospel Internet Station, (BlogtalkRadio.com)

#5. Spiritco1 (Gospel / 32k stereo) Language: English Location: Oxon Hill, USA - Maryland 24 Hour Christian, Gospel Internet radio. #6. Altared Lives Radio (Gospel / 64k stereo) Language: English Location: Lakeland, USA - florida Holy Hip hop & Urban Gospel Radio #7. 1 HOLY GHOST PARTY.COM GOSPEL RADIO (Gospel / 24k stereo) Language: English Location: san francisco, USA - California GOSPEL RADIO STATION PLAYING THE VERY BEST 24/7/365

#8. Heir Wave Radio (Gospel / 96k stereo) Language: English Location: Yukon, USA - Oklahoma Southern Gospel Music 24 hours every day

#9. Magimai FM - Tamil Christian Radio (Gospel / 64k stereo) Language: Tamil Location: Chennai, India 24hrs Online Tamil Christian Hit Songs for world wide tamil youths.

#10. Jesus Is Lord Radio (Gospel / 64k stereo) Language: English Location: Nairobi/Nakuru, Kenya This is Your One and Only radio that brings you the Endtime Message of the Coming of the Messiah

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Southern Gospel's Don Leake to launch new radio show.


VIRGINIA -- Music Gossip News has learned that Southern Gospel sensation 'Greater Love', will be taking their music and message to the Internet airwaves.

According to sources, Greater Love patriarch and founder Don Leake will be launching an internet radio program this month with a pilot episode that promises to reach-out to those who are looking for compassion and understanding.

"Don (Leake) is tired of hearing about the number of people turning away from churches because of judgmental policies that drive people away from the message of love and compassion. That's what Jesus was all about - Love! He is taking this leap of faith to bring that message to those who would otherwise not have someone to lean on. He and his wife Barbara get calls all the time from around the world - Africa, Pakistan, India. They want them to come to their churches and this will be a way to reach the world with the simple message of love."

Leake, who is credited with touching tens of thousands of people over the years, along with his group, hope to create a program where the judgment is left to God and the message of love and compassion is brought to the listeners.

"It's about compassion for Don and his family", said one source close to the group, "I believe he'll do this and I believe it will be revolutionary for the people who listen. The closest thing I've seen to the message of Christ is what Don has brought to the table. I was touched by this personally. I am moved by his willingness to be guided into a new direction".

GREATER LOVE is represented by Pam Barton of Blue Ridge Talent Agency, who has represented a number of gospel groups over the years. Barton, who has been credited with keeping GREATER LOVE "on the road", is a cherished soul in her own right. Her faith in people and the value of each person who can be reached, is a testament to this outreach and their vision. Barton is called "a true believer" when it comes to the redemption of humankind.

"It's not about changing anyone or converting anyone to their way of thinking. They will sing. They'll share and talk with you. But changing you is not the goal. Converting you is not the goal. They leave that up to you and God and only hope you'll take some love and compassion to the next person you meet", said an insider to the group.

(*UPDATE:) Blog Talk Radio has been chosen as the media venue, but GREATER LOVE continues to crisscross the east coast and they are scheduled to be live in concert this coming weekend. Visit their website for more details at http://greaterloveoutreach.org.

(source: http://igossip.com/gossip/Southern_Gospels_Don_Leake_to_launch_new_radio_show_says_source_Music/1444295)

Southern Gospel Sensation 'Greater Love' Keeps the Home Fires Burning


For one who appreciates all genres of Music, especially the old fashion gospel songs of our grandparents, a sense of nostalia stays with us as we grow older.

I spend most of my day listening to the lastest Music from Lady Gaga and sip a glass of wine over the old ballads of Journey. But having heard the old, southern-style gospel Music of 'Greater Love', I suddenly fell into a time warp, traveling back to those years when my grandmother would have gospel Music filling the house with the smell of freshly baked apple pie in the air. Those were wonderful years for me.

I must admit, the Music never translated into much of a church-going life for me. I love the dance clubs and I love my boys. But I love southern gospel too and appreciate its rich history and sense of nostalgia.

I visted the website of 'Greater Love', a Southern Gospel sensation that has been singing for two decades. While some of the faces of the group have changed over the years, the ever present voices of bass singer Don Leake, baritone Craig leake and the amazingly talented tenor Joey Hogsten remain. The group has recently added female vocalist Lisa Long to the line-up, and this weekend they board the tour bus and hit the road to kick-off their 2011 tour season. (READ MORE AT http://igossip.com/gossip/Southern_Gospel_Sensation_Greater_Love_Keeps_the_Home_Fires_Burning_Lady_Gaga/1412823

New GL members ready to tour!

Greater Love is excited to announce the addition of Joey Hogsten and Lisa Long.

Joey Hogsten is lead singer for the group, and resides in Virginia with his wife Jen and their five children, one now in the Navy. One daughter is Miss Green Country and is headed off to college this year.

Lisa Long is alto for the group and resides in Virginia with her husband, Rick, and their children. As the newest member of Greater Love, the group and its fans are excited about having Lisa on board.

New Greater Love website is up!!

Greater Love has a new flash website available for viewing. Pictures of the group, family and staff can be seen throughout the site. Come visit us at www.greaterloveoutreach.org and say hi. If you have prayer requests, praise reports, updates or simply want to express your thoughts on our latest concerts, go to our guestbook and leave a message. We are still adding new features and new dates and information, so come back regularly to see what's been added.

If a page looks blank when you go to it, just wait a few seconds for it to load. Flash is a bit more tricky than regular HTML/CSS sites, so we appreciate your patience and your support.

"See Ya" hits SN Top 100 at #59!

Singing News reports that Greater Love’s popular single, “See Ya”, will debut on the February, 2011 chart at #59 after being released to radio for only a few months. Thank you radio stations for playing our song. This has been a great song for GL and we are so excited to hear that you like it as well. The song is catchy but also is a great reminder that we can see our friends and loved ones on the other side.

Rose Davis
Rose Davis  (about 5 years ago)

would like an accompanient track on See Ya. could u please let me know when it comes available and if i can download it

Newest Project

Our long awaited project, Stay The Course featuring our new single, “"See Ya"” is now available. As we do not yet have it posted to our “music” page, you may order by phone or email through the contact page HERE. As well, we plan to have the sound tracks to the entire project available in the near future. So order yours today. We look forward to hearing from you. Blessings!!