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Zoeys Open Mic

Today I finally got a chance to go to the open mic night they have at Zoeys Cafe every tuesday. My band has been going through a lot of changes and forming into something that we all like. I felt like I needed to dip my feet in the water of an open mic before jumping right into a show. After not performing for a long time, I became very nervous before it was time for me to perform. I felt that old sensation of being a new artist. That feeling got me to practice harder and make my act a lot more interesting and captivating. Performing our new songs acoustic will make performing them electric a lot more fun because of the change of pace and volume! If you are not busy on tuesdays check to see if We Are Heathens is performing to check out our new songs in an acoustic performance and hang out with us! Get involved because you being a part of this is something we thrive on and pushes us to keep on going! We Are All Heathens that make trouble and have fun being young and free! Msg us if you want! post stuff on our wall! be a part of us! (we can use extra help anywhere!) - Andrew Gonzalez