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Dec. 15th Show @ Full Cup

Hey people, so this Saturday we are is playing at the Full Cup. We go on first at 8pm. We are trying to get as many people as possible to come, not for us (well not only for us) but for the cause. This is a benefit show for Staten Island. If you a bring an unopened toy you get in for free. All those toys are gonna go to the children of Sandy Victims so they can hopefully have some-what of a normal Holiday Season. So as much as I would like everyone to come down to see us, the big picture is more important. The more people who come down, the more we can do to help these families. Try to come down to the Full Cup instead, even if just to donate and leave. (Though if you leave you will miss some pretty kick ass bands.) The show starts at 8pm we go on then, hopefully you can make our set. But again it's more important you just come down for the cause and to have a good time. Hope to see there. It's Christmas time people let's have some fun and help each other out!

Hey all

We just want to thank everyone for the support!